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Why consider a search engine optimization company? Quite possibly you’ve done the legwork already and created a website (or had one created) and now you are sitting back waiting for the calls to come in – but they are not coming in as quickly or consistently as you’d hoped. Or maybe you’ve created a Facebook page for your company and have yet to have one person visit you there. Perhaps it’s Pay Per Click that is causing you heartache – and heartburn – with how much money you are spending with little results.

If this is you, take a moment and contact us now using the form to the right of this post for a free website analysis. Then, come back to finish reading this article on how we can help you.

Done that? Good. Because as a premier SEO company, we’ve spent the time researching online marketing so that companies like yours can be found online. We have been trained for and are experienced in helping businesses improve their online presence through website design & redesign, maximizing content effectiveness, and using social media to improve your return on investment.

We Care

We want to see you succeed. It’s what our agency is about – caring about you enough to work our hardest at getting you the results you deserve. More than that, we get excited when we see your business grow. It is our belief that through our dedication and care for you that we can have a small part in helping you, your workers, and your customers go home each day with a smile on their face.

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Some Of Our Digital Marketing Clients

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“They set me up with a great website and now I have outstanding rankings and don’t have to worry about my online marketing.The price is very reasonable, service is outstanding and the calls keep pouring in.

“I would highly recommend Canada West Internet Marketing to anyone who is looking for a safe, reliable and local advertising agency.”

Matt M.President, Effect Property Services

We contacted Canada West Internet Marketing almost a year ago because our company needed to start finding more business. Over the previous few years, we had tried a handful of other methods of advertising around the Edmonton area with minimal success. As of right now, the results have been unbelievable. In a questionable economy, our company has had more business than it’s ever had. They restructured our whole website, content, wording, design and added a few little features along the way, all the while keeping sight of our vision, and even providing some helpful insight to complement our strategy. Whenever we decide its time for an update or change to enhance our website, not only do they recommend the best possible way to complete the task, but they also complete the task within 1-2 days.

Brian WoolgerBaum & Woolger Homes

Exactly What is Search Engine Optimization and
Why Do Edmonton Businesses Need It?

Among the fundamental ways web users discover web sites is via the use of search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.  This is in all likelihood how you found us as well.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of procedures or strategies which boost a search engine’s ability for initially discovering a site and then getting you more desirable search engine rankings that are focused on what you are looking for. Generally, most of these efforts are to improve local ranking for cities or towns based on keywords that your company wants to target.

If your website is optimized in a right way, it will certainly be found much easier as well as end up higher ranked by search engines. This will certainly make it a lot faster as well as much simpler for potential prospects to come across your website. Having your web site discovered quickly is good for the effectiveness of your website and your business. By using our proven tactics, we are able to help you in enhancing web traffic coming from search engines to your site.

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Affordable Internet Marketing

Let’s face it – nobody intends to spend money and time creating a website only to have it sit in some far-reaching corner of the internet universe collecting dust. There is a joke among online marketing companies that say the easiest place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google. However, most sites are built to fail because of a lack of understanding the basics of optimization tactics.  Simply building a website and putting it on the web does not guarantee site traffic.  You should be found if someone searches for your company name (your “brand”), but if you want to grow your business, people need to find you when they do a Google search for the product or service that you provide.  This is where our SEO techniques step in.

A quality campaign assists to optimize your website to ensure people will come across your site when browsing for whatever solution for their needs it is that you supply. Our search engine optimization and internet marketing experts at Canada West Internet Marketing are able to help your website be found through organic search, rank higher and receive more dedicated traffic. We offer affordable search engine optimization with no contract.

Our Focus

We are Canada West Internet Marketing, an SEO service that utilizes keyword research to improve the presence pertaining to your company or institution to reach the top of Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). We are based in Edmonton with a primary focus on the capital city area. As our name implies, our focus goes beyond local clients and into the rest of western Canada.

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Web Design With High Standards

It starts with a quality website – either a design we create for you or a design you have already implemented. We make sure that your site meets quality Internet standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We help you create content that is pertinent to your industry and communicates well with search engines.  We can also provide monthly web packages if needed.

Once that is in place, we create a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign that will see immediate results by focusing your advertising on your market and the keywords you want to be found by.

From there, we work on a search engine optimization campaign for your needs that starts slowly, but much like a small drop of water that starts a waterfall, once the river is flowing can’t be stopped. We have a long record of getting many companies to the top of the search engine lists.

More Than Just a Marketing Company

It’s more than Internet marketing services – it’s an Internet marketing campaign designed just for you. We work through every available ethical technique to get you results. Or, maybe you need less than that – perhaps all you require is someone to run your Facebook or Google Plus campaign through Social Media Marketing, or maybe you’re looking for a web design company or even looking for a web maintenance package. We can do it all or as little as you need.

As our name implies, we work throughout Western Canada to improve online presence. Whether it’s Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; or Barrhead, Alberta, we’ll team with you to improve your online presence. If you are in BC, we suggest talking with our Search Marketing and Web Design friends at Coronation Internet Marketing in Port Coquitlam – they will be able to service all your needs!

We’re Canada West Internet Marketing and SEO in Edmonton, and we work tirelessly to see your business grow.  When you think of online marketing, think of Canada West IM!

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A Note From the President

Hello, this is James Blackburn. I own Canada West Internet Marketing Ltd, and I’m very confident to state that we are the leading search engine optimization and internet marketing company.

Over the past several years, we have been able to get first page rankings for thousands of keywords on Google’s search results.  We have successfully ranked our clients as well as their reviews for difficult local terms and highly competitive nationwide keyword phrases.

Call us NOW at (780) 628-7535 to get started

Giving us a call is your first step towards dominating your competition online. Call us right now. It’s very easy, and you will soon discover that the way we approach things is different than how many other companies operate. We do all the work ourselves with our small yet hard working team. This keeps costs down for the services we perform compared to larger companies. You might be wondering how this can help you. We can provide you with all the benefits (and more) that a large company can give you at a cost that is more affordable

Let’s take at look at this from a different angle. If you think you have a health problem, you most likely will go see a doctor. Who would want to attempt to give themselves a diagnosis by searching through several online forums? Doctors are knowledgeable about so many things, given their education, being part of the healthcare industry, and all of the experience they have for diagnosing your symptoms. When it comes to your internet marketing’s health and well-being, SEM really isn’t much different. There are numerous variables and aspects that you aren’t able to see operating behind the scenes.

For example, you may be familiar with what is called “social signals.” That involves creating Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts or pages. But how can you make money with it? Would creating posts for your social media accounts be a good use of your valuable time? Would it provide any long-term benefit for your business? If you are focused on growing your business and trying to make more money, is it a good use of your time to research all of this or even think about those kinds of questions?

What steps do you need to take to remain on Google’s first-page search results after you have achieved those excellent rankings? We know precisely what you need to do to stay on top since we have ranked thousands of different pages and help numerous businesses. Our industry changes constantly. Your business needs to have an experienced partner like us to work with who is completely dedicated and passionate about the industry so that you are always current with the ever-changing conditions.

To summarize, you can be confident knowing that our team will work on all of your search engine optimization and marketing for you. Our experts can help you dominate your online competitors. You will have a valuable teammate and expert that your competition lacks.

To summarize, you can be confident knowing that our team will work on all of your search engine optimization and marketing for you. Our expertise can help you dominate your online competitors. You will have a valuable teammate and expert that your competition lacks.

The results we have achieved speak for themselves.

seo results

The image above illustrates what we have accomplished with competitive keywords for our local business niches. We have assisted numerous businesses with obtaining top rankings on the first page of the search results for targeted terms. I am not merely trying to brag about how my company has helped our clients. I just want to demonstrate to you the kinds of outcomes we have delivered to our clients and can deliver for you as well.

Why is Canada West Internet Marketing so Successful at Search Engine Optimization?

Today’s search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, really love high quality websites. Therefore, your website needs to be properly optimized and have plenty of quality content as well as quantity of content, and high authority websites linking back to your site.

seo edmonton expert james blackburn

I’m James Blackburn, owner and president. Contact me at (780) 628-7535

Let me demonstrate how we can help you grow your business.

Many companies typically build low cost, low quality links to your site from foreign countries. Another method commonly used is to build low authority, low power links that won’t result in ranking your website high in the search engines.

I have noticed how many of the clients that hire us have many doubts about Internet marketing and how effective it is. That’s due to the bad experiences they’ve had with other SEO companies they paid large sums of money to without receiving any decent results.

Over the years we have put together a system that works time and time again. It is our system that distinguishes us from the many faceless companies that do what we do. We have invested a lot of time into creating our own large set of high authority websites. These are high-quality sites that publish valuable content online on a frequent basis. We decide exactly what links get pointed from these websites. Using our powerful system that we completely control provides our clients with great results.

If you had to choose, would you want a website such as or informing consumers that you are your local area’s leading provider or would you want a university student to hand out business cards in the area where your business is located? If you use the first method, you can establish continued confidence in your business and continue to grow your online presence, which will become more essential over time. There is data to suggest that more than 90% of individuals now browse online for locally offered services.

We utilize that strategy here at Canada West Internet Marketing to provide your website with the necessary strength so that it will be considered to be an authority site. This is a significant benefit that other firms are not able to provide. That’s one of the main reasons why we are able to control the first page of the search results time and time again.

Consumers are spending money and online advertisers are spending billions of dollars on Google advertising. You want to be visible to people like this- consumers searching online for locally offered services. We can deliver the same high-quality visitors to you that makes Google so much money at a much lower and affordable price.

Are You Trying To Decide Which Business To Hire?

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The Answer Is Clear

It used to be easy to market your business. Place an ad in your local newspaper- your phone would ring and customers would come to you.

However, times have changed. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for just a minute- when’s the last time you looked through a newspaper or the Yellow Pages to find a local business?

Do you think that’s how potential clients are finding you?

Fact: According to Google, 97% of consumers use a search engine to locate local businesses.

So, if your business isn’t listed on the local search results first page, then you are most likely missing out on hundreds of leads on a daily basis.

With 1.8 billion searches being made by consumers looking for local business every single month, there are always people looking for your products or services.

Getting a website set up for your business is definitely a good place to start. However, it if doesn’t appear on the organic search results first page, then you are definitely losing potential sales to those local businesses with better rankings than you.

As a business owner, you can’t afford to just sit back and do nothing and allow your competitors to take leads and money away from your business.

Local Search Engine Optimization Is Highly Effective For Businesses

Here at Canada West Internet Marketing, we can help you with growing your business and becoming successful online. We think that one of the better places to start is local search marketing.

We will create a proven game plan for your business that will drive traffic to your site. We employ local search engine optimization methods and strategies that have been proven to work to ensure you don’t lose leads and sales to your competitors.

Facts about SEO to be aware of:

  • 93% of local searches will eventually convert into a sale.
  • 58% of consumers that that they use the Internet for finding services and business rather than the phone book.
  • 43% of each Google search includes a geographical modifier such as a postal code or city.

Local search engine marketing provides businesses with a high return on investment. Compared to other advertising methods, it is very cost effective.

Definitive keywords and keyword phrases are used that will appeal to qualified visitors for your website. This form of strategy will place your business right where consumers who are searching to buy what you have to offer are.

Our Canada West Internet Marketing staff is here to assist you with achieving higher regional or city search results for your website at a much lower cost than what larger companies charge. We understand that each client has a distinct set of requirements, so create customized solutions to meet these needs.

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