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Seven Easy SEO Tips

Writing with a search engine in mind can be a daunting challenge. You know that there are a bunch of things you’re supposed to do, a bunch more things that you’re not supposed to do, and additional rules that seem to exist just to make you crazy. Trying to keep all of these things at […]

The SEO Trends and Changes in Google To Expect In 2018

Be prepared to for algorithm updates targeting fake news In 2010, Google was getting various critics from the media due to the “content farm,” that is the clutter users receive after searching. Overwhelmed by the critics, Google had to respond. Its response was a proclamation that they hear and understand their users complains about the […]

Tips and Tricks for Branding on Social Media

It goes without saying that the existence of social media revolutionized the digital marketing of SMBs and startups. The reason behind this lies in the fact that, for the first time, they’ve gained a playground on which they can compete with major conglomerates on, more or less, equal terms. Sure, a proper social media marketing […]